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Agricultural Engineering Activities in Chhattisgarh

Mechanisation plays very important role in the field of Agriculture. The timeliness of operation with an ease and judicious use of inputs are the important parameters for increased production. Intensive cultivation is only possible by using the newly developed farm -Machineries.

Use of improved Agricultural equipments can increase crop production by 15-20 percent. The average farm power availability is only 0.71 kw/hectare, where as the National average is 1.65 kw/hectare, in the year 2009-10. At present there are about 11 tractors per 1000 ha of Net sown area as compared to the national average of 28 tractors  per 1000 Ha. The long term potential for tractors in the state, including replacement of old tractors, is assessed at 4.10 lakh.

The Departmentculture through Agriculture-Engineering wing provides custom-hiring facilities to the cultivators at reasonable rates, as the small & marginal farmers can not afford to purchase the costly machines   like tractors/ Bulldozers and the newly developed  equipments like Rotavator,  Roto-seed Drill,  Sugarcane cutter planter etc.

Following activities are being taken up by the department:-

  1.       Custom-hiring for land leveling, bunding, dozing and preparation of percolation tanks and other land improvement activities by dozers, cultivation works like seed-bed preparation, sowing, harvesting, threshing etc by departmental tractors, reapers & threshers.

                            Due to limited departmental infrastructure, Custom hiring centres are also opened under PPP mode since 2011-12 under Krishi Yantra Seva Kendra. Assistance of  7.50 lakh is provided to the entrepreneure as credit linked back ended subsidy on a package of  machines worth 15.00 lakh  for Sub-plan Area and 10.00 lakh for a package of machines worth 25.00 lakh in other areas.

  2.       Shakambhri scheme has been started in the year 2005-06 under which 75% subsidy is given on Diesel/electric/kerosene/openwell submercible pump sets (Upto 5HP) and 50% on dugwell to the small and marginal farmers.

  3.        Live Demonstrations of improved implements/ machinery for popularization of newly developed implements like laser leveler, paddy transplanter, pneumatic planter etc amongst farmers.


4.        Selected  Post Harvest machines and technologies which are not covered under National Horticulture Mission and Ministry of Food Processing, are being demonstrated and distributed on subsidy to the  individual or group of farmers as per norms fixed by GoI.

5.         Training Programmes on selection, operation and Maintenance of agricultural machinery/ implements to the farmers as per Central Sector Scheme.

6.        A new scheme of demonstration on transplanting by Paddy Transplanter has been taken up since 2012-13 under RKVY. Under this scheme, a subsidy of Rs 3000/- per acre is provided to the farmer for a package of  land preparation, raising mat type nursery and transpalnting by Paddy transplanter in a cluster of minimum 4 Ha.

7.        Popularization of mechanization is an important issue at GoI. level and number of different Crop wise Schemes like Macro Management Work Plan, ISOPOM for popularizing improved Bullock/Tractor drawn implements, Power tiller, tractors and hand tools etc under subsidy are being implemented in the State. The state Govt gives an additional subsidy of 10-25% on Power tiller and other agricultural implements and machines under Balram Krishi Yantrikikaran Protsahan Yojnna.

                                  The farmers are free to select the machines/ implements and buy them either from CG State Beej evam Krishi Vikas Nigam or private suppliers registered in the Department.

8.         State Govt. has stared new schemes from year 2013-14 as below :-

            (A) A new scheme for efficiency enhancement of agricultural labour through which a kit of agricultural implements costing of Rs. 42,000/- are to distributed free of cost to each group of labour comparising of 10 labours.

              (B) A new scheme to promote agricultural entrepreneurship-interest subsidy on bank loan up to Rs. 1.00 Core will be granted at the rate of 4% limited to Rs. 4.00 lakhs.

              (C) A new scheme to provide additional amount of subsidy of Rs. 50,000/- on purchasing Combine Harvester along with other machines while setting up to "Krishi Yantra Seva Kendra".

              (D) A new scheme to promote agricultural mechanization and to popularize new technology subsidy rate on paddy transplanter is increased that Central Govt. share and State Govt. share will contribute up to 50% of the cost of the machine or Rs. 90,000/- whichever is less.

9.        In order to supply good quality agricultural implements to the farmers, a State Level  Agricultural Implement Testing Centre has been established at Raipur. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, GoI, has approved this testing centre.

                                  For the implementation of these programmes there are three Divisional offices of Agricultural Engineers at Raipur, Bilaspur & Jagdalpur and five Sub-divisional offices of Assistant Agriculture Engineers at Kabirdham, Raigarh, Ambikapur, Kanker and Dantewara along with one Tractor unit at Kondagaon.

10.         Application forms for registration of private suppliers in the Department has been annexed at Annexure-I.

11.        Application form for quality testing of agriculture implements/machines at the state level Agri. Implements Testing Centre, Raipur has been annexed at Annexure-II.



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